Above all else, Drake is an extremely talented songwriter who can convey basically any emotion in his music. His writing ability has been criticized in the past, especially during the Quentin Miller saga, but it's clear that this man is skilled with the pen. When Dr. Dre's long-awaited Detox album was still a thing, it was reported that the mega-producer was working with Drake on a few songs for the project, including the title track. Well, the reference track that was recorded for Dre has allegedly leaked and fans are unsure of how to proceed.

Drake leak
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While we're unable to provide information on how to find the leaked reference track for "Detox," it has been reported that it is on the internet somewhere. In addition to that, the reference for PARTYNEXTDOOR's "Don't Run" also appeared online this weekend, including a shot at The Weeknd that didn't make the final cut. 

Judging by the timeline of the creation of Detox, which is apparently never going to see the light of day, the reference track in question was likely recorded in the early 2000s. This isn't the first time the Canadian superstar has suffered from his unreleased music being leaked online. Despite having endless resources at his label, he still finds himself on the wrong end of things like this from time to time. We can't tell you where the leaks are but they're seemingly out there.

Drake leak
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