Dr. Dre and Nicole Young's divorce has been nothing short of messy, especially as new revelations emerge. Over the past few weeks, it seems that Dr. Dre has been trying his best to make this whole thing come to an end sooner rather than later. Just a few weeks ago, the producer shared the agreements of their prenup as he tried to shut down Young's claim that he had ripped it up. Meanwhile, he's been trying to get Nicole Young to slow down on her spending habits which have reportedly been upwards of $293,306 monthly.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Young's attorney is now trying to claim that Dr. Dre has more than enough money to cover her lifestyle moving forward. Dr. Dre is certainly a wealthy man but according to Young's CPA, Dr. Dre has $262M in cash and Apple Stocks. The accountant said that this was a large source that funded their lifestyles between 2017-2019 which on average tipped towards $2.3M each month. At the same time, they've spent roughly $245M in that three-year period with an available $26M in cash at their disposal.

Young's accountant is trying to make a case that Dr. Dre has enough money to not only continue to pay off Young's attorney fees but also "maintain the status quo" of their lifestyle. It's been a large part of their battle since Nicole is seeking $2M a month for spousal support.

Nicole's accusing Dre of understating his income and funding the lifestyles for other alleged girlfriends.