Dr. Dre is really getting money like no one else in the rap industry right now. While various Forbes lists have already proven this to us many times over, a new list on the site Sky Range has broken down the money data in a very shocking manner. Calculating musicians' 2014 earnings by the second, they tell us that Dre made around $20 per second. 

With his total of $620 million breaking down to $19.66 per second, Dre handily tops all of his competitors, with Beyoncee coming in at second with $3.95 per second. Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna also appear further down the list.

The scariest part of this list? Sky Range calculates how much the musicians have made since you landed on the page. Right now, Dre's pushing $3500 after I've only been on the site for a matter of minutes.