Donovan Mitchell was one of the first NBA players to be diagnosed with the Coronavirus. His positive test came immediately after his teammate Rudy Gobert was also diagnosed with the virus. Since then, Mitchell has been quarantining at home where he was getting his rest and a fair share of fluids. Mitchell and Gobert received some positive news earlier today as it was revealed that they no longer have the virus which means they can't pass it on to anyone else. At this point, they will probably still stay home, just for the good of everyone else.

Mitchell was so excited about this news that he hopped on Twitter and posted a prayer hand emoji alongside a gif of a child happily dancing. The young Jazz star is clearly happy to be rid of the virus that has killed thousands of people around the globe.

Other NBA players have contracted the virus including Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn NetsMarcus Smart of the Boston Celtics got it also which just goes to show how the virus can be spread so easily. Even the most healthy individuals can end up with it.

Regardless, we wish everyone else with the virus, a speedy recovery. This pandemic has been very scary but if we work together, it can go away much faster than we think.