Donald Trump has emerged as something of a Twitter icon, though not for his apparent mastery of the medium. Last night, while his daughter Ivanka was being interviewed on CNN, he quoted a user who praised her as "a woman with real character and class." The president-elect agreed, but he failed to realize that the quote wasn't actually attributed to Ivanka Trump, whose handle is @IvankaTrump. Instead, the tweet mistakenly tagged @Ivanka, a seemingly random user from England. 

But don't underestimate Ivanka from Brighton. She replied to The Donald with a politically savvy response that has already earned over 4,500 retweets. She replied to Trump's characterization of his daughter by describing him as "a man with great responsibilities." She then recommended that he use "more care on Twitter" and that he spend "more time learning about climate change." Along with her tweet, she attached a graphic that shows the overwhelming consensus among scientists on the reality of climate change. 

As for Ivanka Trump's appearance on CNN last night, her dad didn't have high expectations.