President Donald Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19 just last week which came as a surprise to his supporters and many others throughout the world. After months of downplaying the virus, the President was forced to go to the hospital where he was given experimental treatments. Since his diagnosis, his condition has improved significantly and now, he is back in the White House. 

Today, Trump appeared on the Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures where he spoke on his condition and how he's doing right now. In the clip below, Trump claims that he is doing just fine and that he is actually immune now. This admission led to some digs at Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, as well as a claim that he now has a "protective glow."

"It seems like I'm immune, so I can go way out of a basement which I would have done anyway," Trump said. "You have to run a country, you have to get out of the basement. It looks like I'm immune, maybe for a long time, maybe a short time, it could be a lifetime but nobody really knows."

Moving forward, Trump and his campaign will be setting their sights on November 3rd, as that is when American will vote for the next President of the United States.