President Donald Trump shocked the world on Friday morning when he announced that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19. Throughout the day, it seemed as though the President was doing just fine until it was revealed that he would actually be taken to the hospital for further treatment. This was considered by many to be a simple precaution, however, reports quickly surfaced that Trump was suffering from a fever and some breathing problems.

During a press conference today, President Trump's doctor told reporters that he no longer has a fever, although wouldn't say if the President has had to undergo oxygen treatments. Perhaps the most startling revelation is that Trump has known about his COVID diagnosis for 72 hours. This effectively means that Trump knew about his positive test for 36 hours before telling anyone. 

Another White House reporter noted that an anonymous source close to the situation described Trump's vitals as "concerning" and that the 48 hours will be pivotal in determining Trump's ability to pull through and make a full recovery.

As it stands, Trump is in the midst of a Presidential campaign where he is set to take on Joe Biden. With his illness in mind, it remains to be seen how the election will take shape as the weeks go by.