It was inevitable that Saturday Night Live would address Kanye West in some way this week. That moment came in a hilarious parody of hit horror film A Quiet Place. Led by host Donald Glover, a group of survivors attempts to stay quiet as not to be taken by monsters, but are unable to contain their reactions to Kanye's increasingly ridiculous tweets. "Kanye just tweeted," whispers Glover's character. "He says, he said he would have voted for Trump." While his friends attempt to shh him, Glover then reveals that Kanye has a signed Trump hat, at which point Keenan Thompson's character's yells "oh, come on Kanye!" before being snatched by a monster. Ye's "doop-di-scoop" verse from "Lift Yourself" also plays a role, but we won't give it all away. Watch it below.

Glover served as both host and musical guest on Saturday's episode. He parodied Migos, delivered a musical monologue, and debuted two new songs. He's heading out on tour this summer with Rae Sremmurd and Vince Staples, and by the looks of it, he may be releasing a new album in the near future as well