At the top of June, Dr. Gregory Lovallo sued Lil Kim claiming she acted in insurance fraud. As his report goes, he claimed to have provided urology-related health care to the rapper but she didn't front the $15,000 bill. He went on to assume that her treatment had to do with an insurance scam that she profited off of. Dr. Lovallo didn't provide detail as to how he thought Lil Kim profited off her exam but it's all in the past now since he's dropped the case in full.

Bossip reports that Dr. Lovallo requested the case to be dismissed without prejudice which means he won't be able to sue again if he does change his mind. According to the publication, the case came and went so fast that Lil Kim didn't even have time to respond to the matter. Lovallo was asking for $15K as well as interest and his legal fees to be paid.

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

In other Lil Kim news, we recently posted on how she's pleaded with a judge to drop her bankruptcy case since she's now financially stable. According to Kim, she filed for bankruptcy as a way to secure her home that she was about to lose but has since made good on her debt and now she's on better terms.

"Accordingly, I no longer desire or need the relief provided by Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code and hereby request that my case be dismissed,” she wrote. 

Here's to Lil Kim being court case free.