It's about time that producers got their proper recognition. This week it was announced that DJ Mustard had scored an artist deal with Roc Nation, the same week that Pharrell was named hitmaker of the year by GQ magazine, and only a few months after Mike WiLL Made It signed a similar deal with Interscope.

Mustard stopped by HOT 97 to speak on his new signing, explaining the benefits of his new deal, why New York rap isn't popping, and the origin behind his name.

The beatmaker began by explaining the role he'd like to occupy in hip hop. "All the hip hop DJs is going to EDM, because that's where all the money's at." he said. "I feel like we need a new hip hop DJ. We need a new Fatman Scoop, a new Lil Jon. Ain't nobody doing that shit no more."

The DJ then revealed that he would have the opportunity to work with "all of the artists" on Roc Nation, stressing that a Jay Z collab would definitely happen. "I was gonna do that regardless," he explained. "I've already got a beat in the safe, just waiting."

When asked if he'd be getting any work in with the TDE camp, the producer confirmed that he would. "Of course." he said. "I heard the music that Kendrick is doing right now is really like my type of music. You know like the DJ Quik, the basslines, the 808s."

Since he'd be spending more time on the east coast, Mustard was confident that he could help NY rappers who were capable lyricists with their songwriting. "Hell yeah, I grew up on Dipset, just like Trinidad James said [laughs]," he joked, but quickly clarified, "I don't feel the same way he feels."

When asked why New York rappers sometimes struggle with making memorable songs, the hitmaker explained that a great beat is an integral part to crafting a hit. "Sometimes when you make a beat, 90% of the time, rappers are gonna rap the same way on it. They're gonna have the same melody in their head. I just feel like it's the beat. Maybe they need better producers," he suggested. 

Mustard also clarified the origin of his DJ name. "Well my mom, she named me Dijon, and I had a cousin who used to gangbang, he used to just call me mustard." he explained. "Everybody started calling me that, and then I started DJing. That shit just stuck with me."

Apparently, the condiment itself played no role in the choice. "I don't even eat mustard." the DJ revealed. "That shit nasty."

Watch the full interview below.