Imagine being so much of a hardcore DJ Khaled fan that you decide to get his face shaved onto the back of your head. While the producer and executive has earned a lot of credit over the years as one of the leading forces in Miami, he doesn't carry a massive fanbase that would compare to somebody like Beyoncé or Ariana Grande. There happen to be people who love Khaled so much that they wouldn't mind spending their top dollar on a haircut that features the artist etched onto the back of their head. Following in the footsteps of the young J. Cole fan the other day, DJ Khaled shared a video of one of his supporters getting his portrait shaved into his hair.

The work is definitely pretty impressive. While it takes a major amount of skill and experience as a barber to be able to pull something like this off, people seem confused why anybody would want to have Khaled on the back of their head. The artist did him dirty too by giving Khaled some droopy eyes. As the producer would probably say, the depiction wasn't entirely "akkreate." 

Hopefully, this doesn't become a trend. Although we can appreciate the level of talent required to achieve this outcome, this dude will get laughed at on the street. What do you think of this?