It was only a matter of time, but J. Cole has officially been immortalized through hair. Thanks to the impressive work of barber Rob The Original, a young fan by the name of Ivan has crafted Cole's likeness onto the back of his head, an arrangement not unlike Professor Quirrell and Voldemort in the first Harry Potter movie. Footage of the reveal has hit the internet, with the fan in question shocked at how realistic the depiction truly is. And rest assured, it's simply that lifelike. Some might even mistake hair-Cole for the real deal, if slightly vision impaired and/or inebriated.

Those walking behind the young man will be treated to a wizened gaze from J. Cole, staring unblinking for the duration of the stroll. It's a clear testament to the extent of his fandom, as not many would immortalize their favorite artist in hair form. Even Cole's signature dreads are accounted for, a testament to the Rob the barber's meticulous skill.

Still, one has to wonder how those who sit behind him in the classroom might feel about the addition. Snoozing in class might be all the more difficult with Cole's watchful eye upon you. Not to mention the inherent difficulty that comes with washing such an elaborate cut; will he have to take special care in maintaining Cole's dreads, lest he transform into the rare and bizarre "perm Cole?"

Who said J. Cole wasn't for the youth?