DJ Khaled has been defying the forces of "THEY" more than ever in 2016; becoming a SnapChat superstar, putting out the best album of his career, and going on a stadium tour with Beyonce. This week, he added another accomplishment to that list, scoring an interview with Katie Couric in which he discussed his recent blessings, as well as the outlook on life that has gained him so much attention. 

According to the DJ, despite spending the last few months on tour with Bey, he's still a bit coy and nervous around her. "I get starstruck when I'm around her... When we backstage and I'm hanging out with Jay Z, and she pop up, I get real nervous and say hi to her and look away, then try to leave as fast as possible... I make my conversations very on-point, focused, clear, and exit as fast as possible... She's got lover for me, I don't wanna mess that up."

When asked about Donald Trump, Khaled hinted that the presidential candidate may fall into the category of "THEY" he's constantly warning his followers about. "'THEY' also come in different disguises... They can actually come hug you, and show you love, but be behind-the-scenes really wanna finish you... You can't entertain ignorance... I'm about unity, I'm about peace, I'm about love, and if you're not about that, I can't be around you, because that's a negative force."

Khaled made sure to encourage his fans to vote and endorsed Clinton in the election, though he is a bit sad to see Obama go. “Definitely not voting for [Trump]. The key is to vote because we need a vote to put the people in power that we want to represent us. So I’m definitely gonna vote for Hillary."

Watch the full interview below.