It came as a shock to the world when news circulated that Kim Porter had passed away. The mother of four reportedly died in her sleep in November 2018 from a lung infection brought on by pneumonia. This was, of course, devastating news to her family and loved ones, and since that time, Diddy has given the public a glimpse into how his blended family, the Combs Cartel, have been progressing in the years that followed.

Diddy, Kim Porter
Peter Kramer / Staff / Getty Images

Recently, Diddy joined Fat Joe for a chat on Instagram Live, and during the conversation, Diddy mentioned that he has a statue dedicated to Kim in his garden. As he prepared to show the monument, he gave a bit of advice to viewers. "This is a special announcement, a PSA to all the players, all the playboys. When you find that one, don't be playing around with it," Diddy said. "It's rare, somebody that's going to understand you and be there for you unconditionally. Sometimes you can be in the game getting hot and you could just want to experience everything. I definitely feel like, as a man, I f*cked up on that."

Diddy went on to say that he felt as if Kim Porter was "the one" for him, but instead, he decided to "[play] around." He added that now, God is in charge, and the experience has forced Diddy to step up as a man and make some necessary changes in his life. The media mogul went on to give viewers a look at a monument that he bought for Kim just a few years before she passed away. The large, metal statue was constructed by using Kim's measurements and sits in the family's rose garden. Diddy says he likes to visit there often to talk to Kim. Watch the clip of Diddy and Fat Joe below talking about treating women right below.