Another beloved couple has called it quits. Diddy and Cassie are said to have split up and fans are going wild over the news.

Social media users poked fun at other entertainers who might be getting ready to shoot their shot at the newly-single singer. Drake and Ryan Leslie were named.

The couple's lavish lifestyle was also part of the humor. One fan offered himself up as a suitor and detailed his meager means including the "occasional takeout."

"Cassie spent her 20s traveling & spending a mans fortune & look at me... with student loans, working and shit."

Some fans showed off their musical knowledge, jumping into the fun with lyrical content. One Twitter user cited Cassie's own song "Unofficial Girl." The best effort might be attributed to the fan who inserted a snippet of the "Bad Boys For Life" video in response to a hypothetical question posed by Cassie: "Where is this relationship going?"

Someone also referred to Joe Budden's track, "So Good," to aim at Diddy.

"Real n*ggas don't fall in love, they stand up in it"

And some dealt hard truths.

Still, fans have a reason to feel upset about the end of the couple's 10-year stint. Parts of the connection may have been slightly messy.

"Diddy and Chew have reportedly been spending quite a bit time together with the couple having spotted in Miami last month, and at a Drake concert in the last few days. The 26-year-old model is not the only woman that has allegedly been involved with Diddy over his 10-year long relationship with Cassie. Diddy was recently once again spotted with a woman named Gina Hunyh who is rumored to have led to his and Cassie's 2015 breakup. "