Deshaun Watson is one of the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL although, over the last few months, there have been debates concerning who he will play for next. Watson has made it clear that he has no interest in playing for the Houston Texans anymore, although the team doesn't really know what to do. On one hand, the team wants to convince Watson to stay while on the other, they simply want to rip off the bandaid and get the breakup over with.

Today during a press conference, the team's new head coach David Culley spoke about the Watson situation and he seemed to get contradictory. In one breath, Culley said he only wants players who are committed to the team, while on the other, he said Watson was the team's priority at the quarterback position.

In simpler terms, Culley seemingly knows the relationship is over, but he wants to play both sides so it doesn't seem like there are any hard feelings over the situation. Needless to say, Culley has been put in an impossible position, and the Texans organization is at fault.

There is no telling when Watson will be traded although as it stands, a move appears to be the only course of action. With that said, keep it locked to HNHH for more news from the world of football.

Deshaun Watson

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images