Denzel Curry has had a busy day. First his new song "Sumo", just premiered as Zane Lowe's "World Record" today, and now his video for the remix to his 2015 hit, "Ultimate". The remix, featuring Juicy J, was included in a remaster of Curry's 32 ZelPlanet Shrooms EP, back in September, but we're only just getting the video for it now.

The video has Curry demonstrating his ultimate status by harnessing incredible super powers. Curry is equipped here with super strength and telekinesis, as well as a pair of glowing red eyes. He then proceeds to beat the ever-loving hell out of a car, as if he was E. Honda in Street Fighter II.

Juicy J makes his appearance as a video phone call, trapped in a kaleidoscope world and surrounded by diamonds. His verse is so strong that he manages to break Curry's phone screen from the inside. 

The video has premiered on Apple Music, and is exclusive to their platform for now. So if you have an Apple Music account, click this link and let us know what you think.