A collaboration with YBN Cordae and Denzel Curry could be arriving shortly. Cordae recently took to Twitter to announce that he and Denzel Curry recently got in the studio and apparently have a "slapper" on their hands. "Yo me and @denzelcurry made a fucking SLAPPER last night holy shit," Cordae wrote on Twitter. "Going up," Curry replied back. It's unsure when we could expect the collaboration to drop. Both artists are fresh off of the release of their respective projects. Denzel Curry's project, TA13OO arrived in late July. The YBN crew released their collective mixtape, YBN: The Mixtape only a week ago. 

YBN Cordae first made waves earlier this year after he dropped off his response to J. Cole's "1985." The track put many people on notice about his skills. Since then, he's been getting in the lab with some notable figures. In late August, the rapper revealed that he celebrated his birthday by spending sixteen hours in the studio with Dr. Dre. Again, this is another collaboration that has no timeline on when it'll be released but hopefully soon.

While the YBN crew made their formal introduction with their mixtape, perhaps Cordae's recent studio sessions are for a forthcoming solo project. At this point, it feels like Cordae can really put his stamp on the game with the release of a solid solo project.