Demi Lovato has definitely earned her new ink. The singer debuted a brand new neck tattoo that reads "Survivor" in cursive, a term no doubt referencing her struggles with substance abuse which ultimately lead to an overdose last summer that landed Demi in the hospital. However, despite her many ups and downs over the years, Demi seems to be stronger than ever, and she has her new tat to prove it. Due to her current social media hiatus, Demi did not share photos of her latest addition, instead extending that task to her tattoo artist, Dr. Woo.

Photographer Angelo Kritikos also shared some of the photos he took of the tat on his Instagram, though his shots are a little (or a lot) more risqué. Posing in a lacy black bra and blazer, Demi makes it difficult to solely focus on the tattoo in the post captioned "my baddie 💕." In another shot, Demi glares at the camera, her eyes piercing through the lens.

Demi didn't just pose solo during this shoot, though. A few shots were taken of her and her new beau, Austin Wilson, whom she started dating this fall. One of the photos is especially NSFW, as it shows Demi at a head on angle in the same lingerie, blazer-less this time, holding a rose. Austin is standing behind her, shirtless, with his own heavily tattooed arms wrapped around her chest. Another darker shot has the couple's lips barely grazing each other.

Austin himself posted yet another photo from the shoot of he and his lady, this time with her arms wrapped around him from behind in a similar pose as the earlier photo, captioned "My girlfriend is hot AF." Austin is definitely not shy about fawning over Demi's beauty, as he commented on one of Angelo's photos of Demi, "The most beautiful girl in this world." From the looks of it, Demi's man is head over heels for her, and with her new tat to remind her of how far she's come, it looks like life is going well for her.