It was a frightening scene yesterday after Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta's Deb Antney and rapper Wooh Da Kid were reportedly involved in a car accident. They both shared photos of the aftermath on social media of the mangled Dodge Durango they were riding in. The music manager also shared that she was grateful to be alive after the car rolled over on the highway.

"Yesterday I had an accident my car flipped 4 times," she wrote. "We can hear the people thinking we were dead. God is good. He sent my angels 👼 RahRah and Kayo was there with a cushion. These bruises are minor I still have life so this pain I can take. My grandchildren are good. And @woohdakidbsm I love my son. He was in so much pain don’t how he got us out but where still here in one piece." She also commended Dodge for having created a secure ride by saying, "Y’all built a hell Ava car."

Wooh Da Kid was doing a bit of thanking of his own over on his Instagram page where he shared images of the wreckage. "Everything happens for a reason I thank God we all made it out of there alive yesterday, I know I’m blessed and I gotta lot more living to do," he wrote. With all of the tragedy and bad news happening in the world right now, we're appreciative that these two were able to walk away from this with only minor injuries.