Superhero fans have had much to celebrate over the course of the past decade, with countless stories being given the cinematic treatment. Some, like Logan, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Trilogy have been met with critical acclaim, while others like Suicide Squad and Fantastic Four have been more or less maligned by critics and fans alike. And while there seems to be a growing fatigue with the seemingly endless onslaught of superhero films that hit cinemas every year, the truth is, they're still making money. And sometimes, as was the case with 2016 surprise hit Deadpool, a franchise can bloom from an unexpected place.

When director Tim Miller took on Marvel's infamous Merc with a mouth, the bizarre, fourth-wall-breaking result was a welcome surprise. With a hard-R rating, great action, and biting humor, it didn't take long for Reynolds' performance as the titular character to resonate with audiences. To nobody's surprise, the film is already due for a sequel, which has already added the considerable presence of Josh Brolin. Suffice it to say, Tim Miller did a phenomenal job with the film - unfortunately, he departed from the sequel over alleged "creative differences" with star Ryan Reynolds. And while his presence will be missed, it looks like Miller will be taking another swing at the superhero genre.

Collider reports that Miller has been eyeing a solo Kitty Pryde film. If you're not caught up on your X-Men lore, Kitty Pryde is also known as Shadowcat, and can walk through walls, people - basically anything solid. She was previously portrayed by Ellen Page in the mediocre X Men 3: The Last Stand, as well as in the far superior X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Apparently, the film is in early development stages, and while that means it might ultimately never be produced, the report confirms that Miller is actively developing the film. If you're a fan of X-Men, or superhero films in general, now's the time to start crossing your fingers.