The release of Deadpool in February 2016 marked a shift in the way that superhero films were looked at. While there had been loads of Marvel and X-Men films before Deadpool, the film's massive success showed the movie industry that an R-rated superhero film was a viable concept. It's thanks to Deadpool that the critically acclaimed Wolverine film, Logan, was able to be released the next year. 

Deadpool was an instant success, pulling in $132 million domestically in its first weekend, and earned $783 million worldwide, making it the highest earning R-Rated film of all time. Well, according to VarietyDeadpool 2 is looking to do even better. 

Early predictions are indicating that the Ryan Reynolds-starring film is set to open at a cool $150 million on its opening weekend. The movie doesn't come out until May 18th, but the numbers are already looking very strong. 

The film will have Reynolds reprise his role as Deadpool, to protect a child from Cable, who will be played by Josh Brolin.

Deadpool 2's main competition will likely come in the form of the other Josh Brolin-starring superhero movie, Avengers: Infinity WarAvengers opens tomorrow, and is set to possibly cross the $250 million mark in it's first weekend. 

Regardless, it seems that the public's appetite for superhero blockbusters is never-ending. If the predictions are as they say, Deadpool 2 should have no problem matching, or even breaking, the records held by the first.

Are you excited for Deadpool 2, or are you giving up on superhero movies all together? Sound off in the comments.