No stranger to representing the South through timeless anthems like "Like A Pimp" and many more, David Banner has earned the right to speak as an authority. As such, the Mississippi legend's co-sign goes a long way, and he recently made it a point to give Migos due credit for their vast influence over the music industry. 

Banner spoke on the subject during a recent discussion with the Hip-Hop Uncensored podcast, where he opened up about his assessment on Migos' prolific run -- not to mention his frustration with the game's apparent unwillingness to appropriately credit Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff, a cause he has stood behind on several occasions. 

David Banner

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

After the host credits Banner with being a trap music originator through his production work with T.I, Banner opens up about the scene that has come to dominate the rap landscape. He begins by lamenting the perceived unwillingness to give out credit, noting the negative impact it will ultimately have on history. 

“I watched the whole industry jack the Migos style and jack the way that they were rapping,” he explained. “And then get on TV and act like they didn’t rip the boys’ whole style off. We just can't say, them folk dope! I'll give you an example. Beats By The Pound did all the original No Limit music. I personally think those boys should be on the same level as Timbaland and The Neptunes. However you feel about it, you have to give Master P's business acumen credit. Them boys put out more music, and changed the way artists put out music."

Regardless of how you might feel about Migos ahead of Culture 3, it's clear that the impact they had on these past few years of hip-hop innovation deserves to be acknowledged. Takeoff himself, man of few words that he may be, felt compelled to voice a similar sentiment: "Give Us Our [Flowers] While We Can Smell Em That’s All We Ask." A fair request, and one that David Banner is more than happy to oblige.

Check out his appearance on Hip-Hop Uncensored below.