The origins of trap music have been disputed between T.I. and Gucci Mane this week as both legends believe they are the rightful inventors of trap. With both rappers bringing legitimate evidence from the early 2000's to the table to support their cases, the debate appears to have reached a close as T.I. is ready to take the high road. Gucci Mane initially proclaimed himself as the inventor of the rap subgenre and many would likely agree with his remarks. T.I., however, believes that he deserves all the credit when it comes to trap's origin.

Writing that his evidence is going over everybody's heads, Tip shared a final clip from 2001 that appears to show him commencing the trap music craze. Making sure that he stands up for his beliefs, T.I. wrote on Instagram, "I guess I’m gon take the High Road & Just let y’all carry on in the ignorance of fake news... but for those who care for statistics & Facts... this is 2001. I’m serious. 'Dope Boyz & The Trap Ni--az'. Y’all stay classy...." His first argument was the release of his 2003 album Trap Muzik, but this may shut down any counter-points Gucci could have.

Who do you think is the Christopher Columbus of trap music? Are you siding with anyone in particular between T.I. and Guwop?