For a while, all signs pointed to DaniLeigh and DaBaby being a couple. The pair of rappers had been teasing that fact for a minute, seemingly posting up in bed and appearing together hand-in-hand on more than one occasion. Despite that, they haven't been as active as they once were. Given the tone of Dani's latest post on social media, people are beginning to believe that they're officially split up.

The Miami-based rapper recently took a trip to clear her mind, speaking about it and considering it to be a vital "reset" in her life.

"Before I land.. I wanna tell myself that this is a reset trip," wrote DaniLeigh on Instagram Stories, sharing a picture from the plane. "What's not for me God will not allow... What I give love to should equally give back .. I'm giving all my love to myself, God, and to my family. I finished everything I need to.. album cover is done, my Movie is completed.. and my press looks crazy," she added, looking forward to all that comes her way.

She continued, "I worked so hard even in the process of being hurt.. I'm clearing my mind.. cleansing my soul.. and finding closure for myself.. I'm coming back home a new person."

Despite the possible split, which she is definitely pointing to, Dani has a ton of blessings to celebrate. She says that she's got a new car, a new house, and a new mind.

Keep an eye out for all that she's got going on in the coming weeks.