The rumor mill has been churning for the last several months with news about DaBaby and DaniLeigh. Back in March, Dani and DaBaby's baby mama MeMe (say that three times fast...) got into an internet spat before the rising female rapper began popping up even more often with the "ROCKSTAR" personality. This weekend was busy as Dani and Baby were spotted with their arms interlocked as they walked outside and an even more cryptic post has just appeared by way of Dani's IG Story.

Holding hands with her mystery man in bed, DaniLeigh had everyone guessing about who she was spending time with. However, if you've been following the dramatic unveiling of their rumored relationship, you know damn well that DaBaby is the man in the picture.

While the tattoos on the man's arm are unclear, people are safely assuming that Baby and Dani are a thing, using this as confirmation.

Do you think these two will ever be comfortable enough to tell the world that they're dating? They're seemingly care-free enough to stroll the streets arm-in-arm so to continue to play with people's emotions is a little confusing. 

We're hoping they're happy together, if the man in the picture actually is DaBaby, of course.