There are some videos of police encounters that get one's blood boiling - real shit that depicts the horrific nature of police brutality and racism in America. And then there's this video - more of a testament to the dumbing down of American society than anything else.

After getting stopped in a parking lot by the Dallas police force for failing to signal, a 24-year-old man named Dominique Desha Green begins a Facebook Live feed, cussing out the cops for stopping him for no reason. Over the course of the 13 minutes that he films himself waiting for the cops, he reveals that he's got cocaine in the vehicle - and is really down to smoke a blunt. Green ends up getting arrested, and apparently it was the footage in the Facebook Live video that got Green slapped with drug charges - offences he wouldn't have been dealing with without broadcasting it to the entire Internet. Enjoy this insta-classic in stupidity below.