Just a week ago, DaBaby and his baby mama, MeMe, were broadcasting their romance on Instagram, documenting their trip to the Superbowl. They took a private jet to Miami - DaBaby showed MeMe massaging his feet while on board the flight - and went on a nice boat ride when they got there. A mere week later, their relationship appears to be in shambles, all thanks to the discovery of a text conversation in the Charlotte rapper's phone. 

MeMe has taken to Instagram to expose her man for allegedly impregnating another woman. On her Instagram Story, she posted a photo of DaBaby's incriminating text convo, which is dated December 30. An unnamed sidepiece tells him that she doesn't "feel good" and he responds by trying to arrange a meetup. He then requests her account information so he can pay for her transportation. "Don't fall for the cap," MeMe typed out on top of the photo. "Another child on the way and it ain't me." She continued criticizing him for his capping ways. "Your favorite rapper is the number 1 capper," she reveals. "Don't believe half of what social media is showing you."

In another post to her story, MeMe is heard telling DaBaby, "I'm gonna show all your fans that you're policing your child's mother." While we don't find out exactly what form of "policing" she is referring to exactly, we know there is some drama going down in the Kirk household. In light of this situation, we could say that DaBaby's cheating anthem, "iPhone", did not age well.