All day long, DaBaby and DaniLeigh have been having a very public back-and-forth about the status of their relationship after a fight broke out between them last night. Hours after calling the cops to his condo, the Charlotte based rapper has made it clear that he sees his baby mama as a “side bitch,” but the “Easy” singer didn’t hesitate to pull out an abundance of screenshots that refute his statements.

After Dani shared her receipts, Baby hopped on his story to give his side, once again. “If I start postin’ screenshots it’s gonna get bad, I ain’t doin’ that. Just know, before I get set up to crash, before I get set up like a rich, black, crash…” The 29-year-old then picked up an imaginary telephone and threw a police officer emoji on the screen to let viewers know he’s roleplaying a phone call with the authorities. “Hey, y’all come get her,” he said.

“We gon’ see how it play out. I don’t care to post screenshots, clear none of that up. I could post a screenshot right now, clear everything up, but I’m not no posting screenshots type of n*gga. But I am a father, that’s the only reason why she around me. Period. Everything else is gonna come to light, but I ain’t participating in none of that foolery.”

The rapper then shared a video of him rocking his and DaniLeigh’s baby in which he can be heard saying, “daddy first, celebrity after.” He then looped back to the ongoing drama with the mother of his child, this time addressing her family and seemingly saying that DaniLeigh’s family hasn’t met the couple’s baby yet.

“Y’all don’t even know her, and she don’t even know y’all. She never seen y’all a day in her life, shawty’s mama ain’t even met her grandbaby yet,” DaBaby said, also writing, “y’all disowned y’all half black grand baby soon as y’all couldn’t control y’all daughter” across the screen.

After seeing the video, the Miami-born starlet called her co-parent an “evil ass man,” saying that it was “sad” for the world to get their first glimpse at her daughter this way. DaBaby’s other baby mama, Meme, has somehow found her way in the middle of the pair’s conflict, with her and DaniLeigh appearing to have some back and forth about pulling up to address their beef face-to-face.

Of course, Twitter has had plenty to say about the ongoing drama, which you can read more about here. Stay tuned for any updates regarding DaBaby and DaniLeigh.