Earlier this month, CyHi the Prynce alluded to the production of a 7-track album, in line with the latest releases by his G.O.O.D music label mates. We haven't heard anything concrete about this idea since. The artist come through Instagram to share some news with his fans today. He posted a selfie with a long caption to announce the arrival of new music. The text rambles: "My first selfie of the year I have 2 albums done and Ye said he wants to do another one so I’m back in working so to all my fans thanks for the patience and the videos are already being shot so stay tuned the Young GOD is back to work #goodmusic #ivystate"


The specific details are still left to be desired, but the confirmation of his being back in the studio has many of his fans excited. Whatever form the next project takes, it will be the follow up to his studio album No Dope On Sundays, which dropped last year in November. Some might speculate an appearance of Dr. Dre on the next record due to another one of Prynce's Instagram posts. Fans will have to wait and see. The Georgia rapper spoke to us last year about his last LP and his relationship with Kanye West. There might be some hints in the video below.