Lean is by no means a new craze in hip-hop. Since the early days of DJ Screw, promethazine mixed with codeine and Sprite has been the recipe for many southern classics. Though purple drank originated in Houston, it has slurred its way into Atlanta, New Orleans, and just about every other hip-hop metropolis in the country.

While lean has been partially responsible for some of hip-hop’s greatest records over the years, it is also to blame for a few notable deaths, including those of DJ Screw and Pimp C. Lil Wayne’s drank addiction has been rumored to be linked to some near-fatal seizures, yet despite the known dangers of the drug, many rappers can’t refrain themselves from the purple.

In attempts to cut down on the lean frenzy, Actavis stopped all production and sales of its popular Promethazine Codeine product in April 2014. Nowadays, lean may be harder to find, but its muddy-sound will be etched in hip-hop for many years to come.

To recount some of the best uses of the drug when it pertains to pure artistry, we’ve come up with the 10 best rap songs influenced by lean. View them in the galleries above.