Apart from the headliners, the most attractive feature of Coachella is probably the constant stream of parties. Pool parties during the day and after parties at night ensure those who ventured out into the desert never even see a glimpse of boredom.

Among the lavish party life at Coachella, we ventured out to a gorgeous estate in Palm Springs, hosted by LiveMe, that looked as if a Spanish Lord had lived there in a past life. The sprawling fields were tucked in between a number of mountain ranges, giving party-goers a serene view of California’s landscape. Although the desert surrounded us, lush green fields swallowed up those attending the moment they stepped onto the estate. Lil Jon made an appearance at the estate pool party, which was also flooded with unequivocally gorgeous women. Tastemakers, fashion designers, models, up-and-coming artists from all genres and walks of life, and influencers danced to blaring music, hopped in the pool, and enjoyed an endless supply of free food and drinks. Despite the excruciatingly hot weather, smiles were as abundant as the liquor. Typical "party favors" were being dispensed by party-goers in what they hoped was a discreet manner-- but it was no secret. This was a rap music video, come to life.

Image Courtesy of LiveMe's 3rd Birthday At Coachella

Sunday night, we headed over to YG's official Coachella after party. The event was being held near the airport, in a deserted area that looked as if YG dropped several stacks to transform it into the pristine party location. Security was tight, but once we gained access, an extensive art installation that beamed blue light in rectangular circles welcomed us in. That was the first and last time that the color blue was seen for the remainder of the night, though. Several rooms in the installation were allocated for “VIP” relaxation. Couches and tables were cleanly decorated, and CBD oil vending machines were placed strategically between the regions separating the club on the other side. After purchasing a CBD cartridge, we proceeded into the club setting. The lights were all red, dousing the crowd of about 1,700 people in YG’s favorite color. Blunt smoked permeated the air as we made our way over the to the bar. Nipsey Hussle’s music was on heavy rotation, and YG's entourage could be seen partying just on the other side of the club near the DJ booth. An elongated outside patio gave attendees the option to smoke in a less crowded setting. The patio was furnished with plush couches that were shaped as large squares with no backrest. This crowd was different than the pool party. It looked as if YG had invited more than just industry heads; the hood presence was felt and was welcomed. 

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images for Interscope Records

At around 1:30 PM two groups got into an altercation at the back half of the party. The security was on the fight in an instance, splitting up the madness and escorting one party out while detaining the other. They planned on walking one party to their cars before allowing the other party to leave. After roughly 15 minutes, we heard three very distinct gunshots. They sounded as if they came from a pistol. The crowds inside the party began to pour out of the doors like ants that were just cornered by fire. Cars in the parking lot careened over barriers on their way out. As we reported, no one was injured, and police are still searching for a suspect. The party was shut down though, ending a weekend filled with amazing performances. 

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