This weekend, JT (of the City Girls) was allegedly involved in an altercation at her hairstylist. A woman named April Bailey put the rapper on blast, claiming that JT was rude to her 12-year-old daughter. The allegations bothered the rapper so much that she re-activated (and then de-activated) her social media page to speak on the issue.

The woman claims that, upon noticing JT at the hair salon, her 12-year-old daughter spoke to her but the City Girls star was allegedly "rude" and "disgusting". She says that JT looked her daughter "up and down" and proceeded to be a brat. The "Act Up" artist is fighting back and claiming that the woman's story is false.

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"Okay so it’s super sad I had to reactivate & gonna deactivate right again to explain myself because this is SUPER SAD," she said. "1st I was alone because my friend who does hair ask me to stop by! & I thought I was gonna be there a quick second! & end up there longer then I expected to do my nails (it’s different suites in the place)

2. I had on mask & glasses meaning (I was low key) nobody knew I was there the lady went outside to tell her daughter who she left in car that I was in the back when I came back in the salon the little girl approached me from behind & said hey JT I looked back twice as a double take because I didn’t know where she came from & said 'hey' LOW never looked her no type of way if I did how would you know? I had on SHADES next this bad b*tch burnt mouth a** b*tch TRIED to check me & it went WRONG for ANYBODY who thought I was scared of a b*tch holding a camera phone in her hand your delusional she been holding this situation over our heads for days & the only reason was ask not to post is because my friend didn’t have on a wig."

JT doesn't think that she should have been called out for the interaction, asserting, "IM NOT A NASTY PERSON IM NOT A BULLY I just can’t be bullied & I only apologized because she start CRYING & I felt bad not the daughter the MAMA was crying because everything she planned went wrong I was calm because she was recording me but was gone protect myself at all cost just not gone hit no one first who obviously looking & need a check! I CAN NOT BE CHECKED! I’m glad she got the attention she was looking for."

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Do you think JT was in the wrong?