On Wednesday, JT of City Girls was released from prison and made a big return with "JT First Day Out." The song served more as a statement of her being ready to take over the game and a threat to all those speaking on her name. She didn't dive very deep into her prison experience, other than her rapping: "Went in the same day Drake dropped "In My Feelings" / I was in prison on my bunk, really in my feelings."

However, last night, JT felt an urge to share some of the advice that she learned when locked up that really stuck with her. The words of wisdom were intended for women specifically, cautioning them against the duplicitous ways of men and instructing them to remain independent. She drew lessons from the many women who ended up in prison alongside her because "they kept it real w/ men & those men did not keep it real with them." JT made sure to emphasize that these women did not find themselves in this situation because they were "stupid," but because they were "influenced in a state of vulnerability." The self-help speech ended with a call to action, encouraging women to take men's money, but not trust them. On that note, let the scamming begin (or continue)!