Never one to bore, Chrissy Teigen revealed the amusing gift her father gave to husband John Legend for Christmas this year. Taking to Twitter, Teigen filmed the particularly memorable present Legend received, check out that video below:

As you can see, her husband was given a red-knitted penis warmer for Christmas, a gag gift which will either leave you chuckling profusely, or silent in utter shock. Ron Teigen Sr. has clearly imparted a sense of ridiculous humour into his daughter, as her public revealing of her husband's latest accessory is just as amusing as the actual present itself. 

However, the jokes did not just stop at the penis warmer, as Teigen was also gifted a unique gift from her father. In the video, the camera pans to a "Don't Touch Me" box, which is proudly described as an "amazing and interesting useless box." 

In response, her father took to Twitter to address Teigen's public reveal, sticking to the same brand of humour his daughter is well-known for.

Chrissy Teigen is particularly known for her mastery of Twitter and other forms of social media to provide entertaining, thought-provoking or down-right shady commentary on any given subject. The model recently suffered a nip-slip on Snapchat for all to see, and when it became a topic of interest online, Teigen offered an apology that was equally sarcastic and witty, traits we've come to expect from her.