Chrissy Teigen had herself an interesting evening on Snapchat, where she may have showed fans a little bit more than she meant to.

According to pictures and videos that were shared on social media, Teigen accidentally had a nip-slip moment during one of the short video clips she shared on her Snapchat account, detailing her experience getting a spray tan. That portion of her story was deleted (more on that later), so the crisis may have been temporarily averted, but of course several Twitter users had already captured the moment for posterity. You can see the awkward moment here.

This isn't the first time that Teigen has been in the unfortunate position of baring too much of her chest area in front of an unsuspecting viewing audience. During a June concert of John Legend's that she attended, the model joined her singer husband on stage while he sang the appropriately-titled track "Slow Jam" to her and the rest of the concertgoers. However, while in the process of dancing, she decidedly to let a certain part of her breathe the fresh air that only comes when no clothes are covering it. Needless to say, it was at least somewhat embarrassing, but she handled it like a champ. The Twitter reaction to this new nip-slip incident, just as it was last time, was hilarious. Check out a sampling of the response from social media users below.

For her part, Teigen later admitted to the goof and even posted a funny "apology" video where he says sorry to everyone she's let down with this latest snafu. With candor like that, how can anyone not love her?

It turns out that her assistant might be the real MVP here, as she was the one who deleted the Snapchat video before things could get too out of hand. Well done her!