On Day 16, the LOVE Advent calendar has unveiled its tastiest morsel yet: a video of Chrissy Teigen doing aerobics in a skimpy blue thong leotard. If that wasn't enough, she seductively snacks on french fries and a juicy hot dog during the '80s-style workout video. She does girly pushups and slurps up fries on her way up, then lays down for some abs, bringing her knees into her chest while stuffing a sausage down her throat. When she stands up and starts skipping in place, all the right parts can be seen merrily jiggling about. Men, though the clip is just over a minute long, there are more than a few moments that will cause you to wince as your sexual appetite is quickly awakened. Who's hungry? 

John Legend is lucky to have this bombshell as has baby mother. Teigen's slot on the calendar follows visual treats from Ciara, Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, and more. Check out the full LOVE Advent calendar here