It's Halloween and you all know what that means. Dressing up, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses galore. With October soon coming to a close, many people's favorite time of the year is upon us. Haunted houses will be all over the place this weekend as people look for a quick adrenaline rush, walking through the best recreations of horrifying situations. Of course, TV hosts will be playing tricks on their guests for the next week as Halloween episodes begin to air. Ellen DeGeneres made sure to provide a few laughs to her audience when she had model Chrissy Teigen run through a haunted house, screaming at everything she crossed paths with.

Going through the maze with Ellen's executive producer, Chrissy didn't have John Legend to calm her down as she went absolutely ballistic before, during and after the experience. Teigen and Andy Lassner went through the Purge maze at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights, full of jump scares and scenes inspired by the movies. Of course, a camera crew followed them around to capture each shriek and, believe me, there were a lot of them. Before playing the video, Ellen poked fun at her producer who was just as scared as the guest, saying, "I would like to say that Andy was really brave, but that would be a total lie."

In related news, 2 Chainzrevived his Pink Trap House as a haunted house, which is now open in Atlanta. Learn all the details here.