When news broke out about 2 Chainz' iconic Pink Trap House being torn down back in July, many, including myself, were devastated by the reports. It became an Atlanta landmark, giving locals and visitors a chance to take a quick photo and be part of hip-hop history. Not only was it an integral part of Chainz' Pretty Girls Like Trap Music campaign, the trap house also served as a free HIV testing clinic last year. With Tity Boi now focusing on his upcoming effort, Rap Or Go To The League, all reports were saying the pink trap house would be demolished. Thankfully, the news was reversed as it has been revealed that it is being repurposed with a haunted twist.

Alongside some exclusive merch, 2 Chainz and 13 Stories Haunted House are giving fans a chance to purchase tickets to visit the inside of the Pink Trap House, which has now been turned into a spooky hip-hop nightmare. The experience is being described as "a thrilling experience featuring some of the most iconic scenes in urban classic films of the 80s and 90s." With several phases and different levels of intensity, fans are given a chance to opt out of the scary experience if they're uncomfortable. However, would anybody opt out of attacking zombies with custom artillery? The third section of the hour-long tour has the experience ramped up even further as guests are blindfolded, depending solely on touch and sound to guide you to the end.

The Haunted Pink Trap House will open on September 21 for Halloween season, with a scheduled end date of November 11. Obviously, space will be limited so we recommend you get your tickets early if you plan on making it out. Check out the details here and cop your tickets!