Both Chris Brown and his baby's momma are having some bad luck. Brown was arrested and released with no charges for an alleged rape charge that police are having a hard time believing. The entire debacle hasn't scared Brown from the city though, as he remains there at this moment to complete the production for his music video. As reported by TMZNia Guzman's home was burglarized on Tuesday night, just one day after Brown's incident. The media site claims that sources say the thieves grabbed designer bags and shoes belonging to Nia, her oldest daughter, and her child with Brown, Royalty. Guzman was visiting her mom in the apartment next door when everything went down. Either someone close knew her schedule, or the thieves were watching her movements. 

 Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

LAPD is investigating the burglary, but they have no suspects. It is typically difficult for the authorities to track burglars down, but hopefully luck is on Guzman's side. She personally feels like someone was watching her movements. She left her lights and television on when she stepped out, but kept her door unlocked. Celebrity burglaries are not uncommon, but the circumstances here are more complicated than a break in.