According to TMZ, Chis Brown is reportedly suing a promoter from the Philippines for $300,000 after being held up by armed men when leaving his hotel back in 2015.

Chris claims he was forced to delay a New Year's Eve party in 2014 in the Philippines due to a "misplaced passport." So he rescheduled to makeup the show in July of 2015, which he did right on schedule.

However, the next day when Chris was trying to leave his hotel he was met by armed men who blocked his exit. Chris says a lawyer for the venue walked up to him and told him he would be arrested unless he wired $300,000 dollars to a trust fund for Jose Victor Los Banos Biongco.

Chris refused to pay the money, hired an immigration attorney and eventually got clearance to leave the country. But he says on his way to the airport, Biongco and his reps continued to text him, asking for money.

Chris eventually got home safely, but says the damage was done & he wants Biongco to pay for his “extreme” emotional distress.