While some choose to discount his talent due to his controversial past, the reality is that Chris Brown is one of the most artistic and creative minds in the music industry today. Continually upping the ante in terms of his music, Breezy has proven himself to be more than a triple threat as he can sing, rap, dance, act and even paint to a high standard. While he has previously showcased his graffiti and street art skills, Chris put brush to canvas to impress yet again with a new painting he has recently completed.

The multi-talented artist showed a primarily red and pink-toned work displaying a demon holding a gun. In fact, the resemblance to Hellboy is uncanny and this may be an homage of sorts. CB notes how he has been more focused than usual lately, announcing that he has big plans in terms of his fine art. "Can’t wait to do an exhibit," writes Brown, hinting that he may rent out a gallery to highlight a collection of his strongest works. As a serious jack of all trades, Chris Brown does not let down his fans, constantly working on new projects to cleanse his own creative palette and wow his audience. 

While there are no details about the inevitability or possibility of a CB art exhibit, it would be compelling for him to feature pieces he has created over the years across all of his platforms from music to visual art. Would you go to a gallery filled with Chris Brown's work?