Chris Brown has been away in Las Vegas, as we reported on earlier in the week, he had a scuffle during a basketball game that almost turned into more legal trouble. It seems while he was away a very enthusiastic fan aka stalker decided to make herself comfortable in his home. And when we say comfortable, we mean naked in his bed. 

TMZ reports that law enforcement was called to Breezy's Agoura Hills, CA pad when he came home to find a naked lady in his bed. For most men this is probably some sort of fantasy, but seeing as Brown had no idea who she was and she had spray painted "I LOVE YOU" on his kitchen counter, well, that's a bit creepy. Not only that, but it appears the mystery 21-year old woman had been crashing at the singer's home for a minute, as the cops also found discarded dishes and food in the sink. In addition to graffiti-ing her love for Brown on his kitchen counter, she reportedly also spray painted his Rolls Royce and his Range Rover with the words "MRS. BROWN."

The police booked the woman for felony burglary and felony vandalism.

Edit: Chris has since posted about the incident on his Instagram. Check that out below.