Rumors say Chris Brown is making it official with new girlfriend we-barely-know-anything-about Krista Santiago. He reportedly gave a house key to his rumored new love, according to sources close to Breezy. 

“That’s huge for him because he wants her to know that he’s serious about her and is not creeping and having other females in his house. He basically has an open door policy with her and that’s new for him,” said the source to Hollywood Life.

Reports say the media were caught unaware of this new flame because Brown wants to keep his relationship on the hush hush.

He learned from his past mistakes with Rihanna and Karrueche Tran and wants to keep Santiago out of the media spotlight, said the source. And matter of fact, we didn't know anything about her until two days ago.

Reports say Brown celebrated Santiago's 25th birthday earlier this month by buying her a Diamond Rolex. She posted the jewelry on Snapchat but deleted the image soon after.