Chris Brown is in another tricky situation, but that's nothing new for the drama-attracting singer. Breezy had a performance in the Philippines on Tuesday night, and now he's reportedly being blocked from leaving the country because of a past gig he missed.

Reports say that when Brown attempted to leave the country on Wednesday night, to head to his next show in Hong Kong, he was blocked by the Philippine Department of Justice. The singer was scheduled to play a show there last New Year's Eve but he backed out-- the concert promoters were granted an order that barred Brown from leaving the country, in order to get back the money they paid him.

Brown, for his part, has responded to these reports on twitter, calling it all a "misunderstanding." "Don't believe everything you read. It's a misunderstanding between Phil Casey and the promoters. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly," he wrote. In the midst of writing this article, Brown deleted the tweet, but a screenshot can be seen below.

We'll keep you posted as the situation develops.