When it was first announced that Chris Brown was having a daughter years ago, many were so preoccupied with the artist's history that they weren't sure how he would fare as a parent. With Royalty growing up before our very eyes and Chris constantly sharing loving photos and videos of his baby girl, he appears to be a great parent to his daughter. Proving people wrong is something that Chris loves to do and he did it once again while raising Royalty. Turning four-years-old last month, RoRo is already being groomed to be the next big star as she has attended dance rehearsals and sound checks with her father while on the HBOAFM Tour. Breezy recently posted a shot of his girl looking as comfortable as ever on stage, perhaps foreshadowing her future career.

It wouldn't be entirely difficult for Royalty to eventually have a musical career. Just tell a few label executives that you're Chris Brown's daughter and you'll get signed. However, she already seems comfortable on stage and may want to get a headstart on her money-making ways. Casually walking on stage with a microphone in hand, the four-year-old is already going through the motions. Chris captioned the post, "NEXT GENERATION" and while she's never sung seriously on record, we could be witnessing a star being born.

Obviously, she's just a child. It's impossible to tell if she actually has any musical talent but coming from Chris Brown's lineage gives her a pretty good shot.