As you may have heard, Chris Brown recently headed back to jail after being kicked out of his second rehab facility for touching the hands and elbows of a woman, refusing a drug test and making "harsh comments" about the program during a group session. He's currently on 23-hour lockdown in a Los Angeles cell.

Although he was expected to spend at least a month locked up, it looks like Brown may be released early if he plays his cards right. According to TMZ, Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, has been back-channelling, and may be able to spring his client if they're able to reach a settlement in a recent Washington, DC mindemeanor assault case. As always, money is the answer. 

Geragos has apparently contacted the plaintiff, Parker Adams, and offered him a settlement check, the latter having filed a $3 million lawsuit against Brown and his bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, for punitive damages. Brown allegedly broke Adams' nose back in November after he photo-bombed a Kodak moment with two women outside a hotel. (Geragos previously rejected a plea deal for the incident.)

If the settlement doesn't pan out, the assault trial could result in a probation violation in Brown's Rihanna case, which could land him in prison for four years. Stay tuned for updates on this, folks.