Before we all got caught up in our New Year's celebrations, Chris Brown warned us that he would be coming through with some new music right after the holidays. We weren't expecting him to strike so early though as just a few days into 2019, Chris Brown is already slated to make a major impact. His new song "Undecided" is out now in select international markets and his fans in the States can check it out at midnight. CB has just announced that a video will be accompanying the track in the day, previewing what we can expect from it.

Breezy has always been pretty creative with his visuals. We're expecting nothing less from him come tomorrow with him embarking on some sort of mysterious adventure in the preview. Chris holds a device to scan for something when it starts popping off. That's when the camera goes black, leaving us to wonder exactly what he found.

2018 was a quiet year for the superstar aside from his world tour. We didn't get to hear much new music from the veteran singer but he's looking set to take over early in 2019. Announcing that "Indigo Season" is upon us, we appear to be inching toward the arrival of his next album, which has tentatively been titled Indigo

Are you looking forward to the new video?