Throughout his career, Donald Glover has kept a consistent look. From Community to Atlanta, he's always been instantly recognizable. Now, he wants the people to work because he's trying out a risky new look. 

It was reported yesterday that Childish Gambinoturned down an offer to perform at the Grammy Awards. "This Is America" was one of the most impactful songs of the year so it made sense that the academy would want him to represent them on stage. It's unclear whether or not he will even be in attendance with Drake and Kendrick Lamar's presence also uncertain. If Donald Glover is at the show, you can expect to see him with a brand new look because he debuted his new bleached beard at a Grammy celebration last night. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Glover premiered the new look at Ludwig Göransson's pre-Grammy party and so far, there hasn't been much online reaction. Either people haven't seen the photos yet or they really could care less. However, I think we're looking more at a case of the former. Obviously, this is a departure from the way Childish usually styles his facial hair and considering he kept the hair on his head his natural color, he's probably looking to turn a few heads. Are you a fan of his new look?

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images