Eminem found his way back to #1 on the Billboard 200, after spending a week at #2. The rapper sold the same amount that some rappers do opening week (if not more) and he's in his third week on shelves with MMLP2. Em's standard for success has undoubtedly been raised higher than the average rapper, so if we were to compare those sales to that of Yo Gotti's opening week for I Am, you may not seem too impressed. But nonetheless, Yo Gotti did well for himself, selling more than any of his past releases, with 47,469 copies, and debuting at #7. Everything is relative. Hospin also made his debut on the charts this week, with his anticipated album Knock Madness. The Funk Volume rapper is still in the underground though, moving only 4k opening week. We're sure Hop has no problems with that, as he's often rapping about his dislike for the rich and famous. Check out how Webbie, Drake, Jhene Aiko and other fared on the Billboard 200 below.

1)          Eminem— Marshall Mathers LP 2: For his third week on the Billboard 200, Eminem made his way back to the #1 spot, after a brief stint at #2. Having already gone platinum, the album pushed another 120,486 units off the shelves, which is a decrease in sales by 41%. This brings Em’s grand total up to 1,123,722 copies sold.

2)          Yo Gotti— I Am: Yo Gotti made his debut on the charts this past week, with his new album I Am. He surpassed the sales of his 2012 effort Live From The Kitchen, which only sold 16k and debuted at #12, by moving a strong 47,469 units. I Am debuted at #7. We’ll have to wait and see how Gotti does in the long run.

3)           Drake— Nothing Was The Same: Drake continues to ride a wave of success with NWTS, although he did experience a little drop over the week. Last week Drake was sitting at #9, but this week he comes in at #14. His album moved another 30,400 units, which is only a 6% decrease in sales. The total sales are 1,129,000.

4)           Justin TimberlakeThe 20/20 Experience 2:  Justin only dropped 2% in sales this week, selling 17,264 copies of his second album in 2013. The singer dropped from #17 to #22, after spending eight weeks on the Billboard 200.

5)           Webbie—Savage Life 4: Webbie’s fourth instalment in his Savage Life series came out recently, and managed to debut on the Billboard 200 at #27. While that’s not as strong as a debut as Savage Life  3 which entered at #17 when it dropped in 2011, and sold 30,000. Savage Life 4 only moved 11,918 units opening week. Neither of these numbers compare to Savage Life 2, which sold 72,000 opening week and debuted at #2.

6)            Jhene Aiko—Sail Out EP: Jhene Aiko had an impressive debut last week at #8. This week the singer fell all the way down to #30 though, after selling 12,000 units over the week. Jhene’s total sales are 46,000.

7)           John LegendLove In The Future: The G.O.O.D. singer dropped several spots this week, coming at #44. Legend sold just under 8k, which was a drop in sales of 16%.

8)            2 Chainz— B.O.A.T.S. II: #METime: Last week we saw Tity Boi climb back up the Billboard 200, making a leap from the 100s to #45. We still can’t explain why that happened, but whatever it is, it continued this week, as the rapper only fell a few spots, to #49. The Hair Weave Killa sold 7,600 units, making for total sales of 172,000.

9)           Macklemore & Ryan Lewis—The Heist: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis continue to kick it on the Billboard 200, rising up one spot this week to #52. After a solid 59 weeks of charting, the duo sold 7,200 copies of The Heist. Their total sales are 1,146,000.

10)        Jay ZMagna Carta Holy Grail: Hov fell more than ten spots over the week, coming in at #89 from #74. After twenty weeks on the Billboard 200, the rapper still sold 5,200 copies of MCHG, with his grand tally now at 1,065,000.

11)        HopsinKnock Madness: Hopsin's new album finally hit shelves last week, and made it's debut on the Billboard 200 at #132. While that's not very high, the Funk Volume is generally considered underground. He sold 4,000 units of the album opening week. Perhaps this one will be a slow-burner, increasing in sales by word of mouth. We'll have to see.

Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience climbed back up a few spots over the week, from #95 to #88. Kendrick Lamar's debut album good kid, m.A.A.d city sold another 4,300 units this week, although he fell from #94 to #117. M.I.A.'s Matangi wasn't able to hold on for too long, the rapper comes in at #128 this week. Perhaps all Kanye West's interview are doing him some good, as the rapper's album Yeezus rose up on the Billboard 200 this week, after almost being off the charts last week (he was at #198) this week he's at #130. Total album sales for Yeezus are 569,000.